Here’s Why I Buy Whole Chicken (and you should too!)

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It's time to break out your comfort zone when it comes to chicken and explore and entirely new world of culinary possibilities. In this "Whole Chicken" series, I'll show you how to step up your home cooking game to pro status by breaking down your own chickens at home. Not only is the more economical option for buying chicken, but it will also open up so many incredible dishes that you probably wouldn't be making by buying individual pieces at the market. If you're tired of your meals at home and looking for a transformation in the chicken department , you've made it to the right place.
Part 2 –

00:00 – Series Explanation
00:54 – Market
02:42 – Whole Chicken Butchery
04:50 – Roasted Chicken Stock
05:50 – Schmaltz
08:25 – Perfect Dressing
10:30 – Crispy Chicken Time
12:09 – Amp Up Your Salad

Check out the blog post for detailed recipe and video breakdown –

Here’s why i buy whole chicken (and you should too!)

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