Honey-Glazed Duck with Roast Beetroots, Hazelnuts & Mint Jus by Michael Bremner

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This indulgent autumnal recipe of duck with beetroot really is one to impress – by making the sauce and gel the day before, it's surprisingly easy to pull off too. The duck breasts are cooked on the crown which adds more flavour and helps keep the duck from drying out. Beetroot is served two ways; roasted and glazed in duck fat and also finely sliced in a crisp salad with apple and hazelnuts. Adding mint leaves to the sauce at the end adds a real freshness to the dish.
The rich duck and roast beetroots mixed with the acidity of the gel and fresh apple are perfectly matched to the flavours of Carnivor's Zinfandel, which is packed with jammy, dark cherry and blackcurrant flavour.
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