Jan 14, 2018
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How To Butcher A Deer, At Home.(The ultimate deer butchery video).VENISON.

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How To Butcher A Deer.The Only Deer Butchery Video you will ever need to watch.This is a Muntjac deer,the smallest deer native to us in the UK,It is butchered a little different,with more usable cuts,less waste,( instead of the usual haunch, backstrap and ground meat )..I promise you will not be disappointed,27 minutes of pure deer butchery heaven,many thanks
I Have Just Remade This In HD.In More Detail,Click The Link Below.

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TheScottReaProject.All About The Butchery,Preparation,And Cooking Of,Great British,Meat,Fish And Wild Game.By Scott Rea.Master Buthcher/Fishmonger.Former Butcher Of The Year.Self Taught Cook/Frustrated Chef.Cooking Simple And Delicious Seasonal Dishes Through The Year.Pleased To Meat You..

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