How to Make a Butter Sauce

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Learn how to make butter sauce with Le Cordon Blue Certified Master Chef, Chef Edward Leonard.

One of the most popular sauces at a restaurant is a butter sauce. The butter sauce is diced cold butter that emulsifies. How it emulsifies is, we have here some shallots that are diced and places in red wine vinegar on high heat to cut in half. Now turn down from high heat to half. Now place some pieces of the butter over the heat and whisk it in. Once the butter starts melting, turn the heat down to very low.

When the butter is almost done, add another piece and keep whisking. Now the sauce is starting to get creamy. Continue to add butter. Warm gentle heat is breaking down the butter.

You can add herbs like thyme or terragon to the sauce. This is a great sauce for meat dishes or vegetables. You can add citrus: lime or lemon at the end. If your butter is getting cold, slightly turn up the heat but keep it low to now break the sauce. Add a pinch of sea salt and herbs if you chose. Now we have a perfect butter sauce with great rich flavor to put on asparagus or grilled vegetables or even a beautiful piece of fish.

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