How to make a great rice pudding: it is small the details that changes everything (chef recipe)
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A creamy delicious and addictive rice pudding recipe to make at home. that recipe can also further enhanced by adding of organic sultanas and some grand marnier orange liquor.
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When you think about it, can a rice pudding really get that much better just by using a top a pastry chef recipe? and most importantly what are the differences between a rice pudding made by a cook and a rice pudding made by a pastry chef?

In this cooking video tutorial I am revisiting a simple rice pudding recipe and for the first time I am actually having a closer look at the pastry world and comparing the way pastry chefs approach their dessert recipes.

Pierre Herme is one of France's most recognized pastry chef and today I am testing out his rice pudding recipe to see how good it can get when compared to other kitchen chef versions I have tried.

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