How to make a tarte tatin (French Upside Down Apple Tart)
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Learn how to make a tarte tatin (or upside down apple tart) with this step by step video recipe. Get the recipe:

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Ingredients you need for that recipe: I have adjusted the recipe ingredients to fit a 5 to 6 people type of dish so the ingredients differ slightly then what I said on the video

For the Shortcrust pastry:
250 grams of Flour
25 grams of white sugar.
1 egg yolk
50ml of water
125 grams of Unsalted butter.

For the caramel sauce:
200 grams of sugar
130 grams of butter
a squeeze of lemon juice

1kg to 1.5 of apple

Pie dish to use
cast iron pie dish or round skillet.

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