How To Make, Cook and Eat French Crepes ( Full tutorial)
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making an eating crepes is something we do a lot in France. here is guide that cover all the steps from beginning to end from how to make the crepes and what filling to use to enjoy them.

How to choose a crepe pan:
– First and foremost the size of a crepe pan must be around 10 inch or 26 cm in diameter.

– Next It has to be lightweight! making 50 to 100 crepes in a row trust me is not an easy task and using a cast iron or steel pan (as fancy as it looks) will have you stop using such a pan very quickly. so the lighter the pan the better.

– Comfort is next. a good old sturdy large plastic handle that fits well in the hand is what I prefer as it does not get hot and provide you with a great grip for flipping the crepes.

Edges of the pan. a crepe pan is not an omelette pan, the edges of the pan must be extremely low profile to allow the crepe to slide off easily when flipping the crepes.

Finally regarding pan brands, get a reasonably decent brand with a good warranty in case something goes wrong. crepe pans can be damaged quickly and you should not invest too much in such specialty pans, as you will not be using it everyday.

in this video I am using a Debuyer crepe pan because that was a present from someone. it is a good quality pan but I really don't like the handle as it is absolutely not comfortable an gets really hot after extensive use. that said the durability is there and I have been using that pan many times and the non stick still did not scratch

If i have to recommend a pan I would get that one:

The pan I am using in this video:

This is the video for you if you want know how to make French crepes. Learn everything from making the batter, tossing the crepes and eat them. I also show some of the most common ways of eating and folding Crepes the way we do it back in France. but that said, crepes are a bit of personal thing and everyone enjoy finding new ways of making the batter in a slightly different way every time. Just add your special ingredient and make them your own way!

Share the love and organize a fun crepe day with your friends and family.


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