How to Make Hollandaise
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See Chef Edward Leonard, from Le Cordon Bleu, teach us how to make Hollandaise sauce. This sauce is simply made from egg yolks. Even though there is nothing simple about it. The First thing you want to do is bring water, in a saucepan, to a simmer. In a separate metal bowl, take two egg yolks and start whisking. Add a touch of vinegar or lemon juice. Take the bowl and place over the simmering sauce pan. What you don't want to do is scramble the eggs. Periodically, remove from the heat. Continue to whisk. You will see the egg yolks changing color. Once the yolks have volume, start including melted butter slowly. For every egg, add once ounce of butter. You will want to add it slowly. You can add it back to the heat if it starts to cool down. Continue to incorporate the butter little bits at a time. Keep adding the butter until it thickens. Feel free to add salt, hot sauce, or lemon juice for flavor. As you can see, it is an easy and delicious way to make Hollandaise sauce.

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