How to Make Sea Bass, with Red Onion Brulee, over a Puff Pastry with Yellow Pepper Coulis
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Chef Edward Leonard, Certified Master Chef at Le Cordon Bleu, demonstrates how to make sea bass, with a red onion brulee, over a puff pastry with yellow pepper coulis.

How to caramelize onions for the red onion brulee: First, thinly slice the red onions. Then caramelize the onions by using a buttered pan and very high heat. Add the chicken broth, soy sauce and a little bit of sugar. Sauté the onion until it has a nice caramelized appearance, giving you a red onion brulee.

Sea Bass: Marinate the sea bass with sea salt, pepper, herbs and lime juice for about 15 or 20 minutes prior to cooking. In another heated pan, cook the fish with the skin side up, giving it a nice color. Add a little more sea salt, pepper and butter. Baste the fish while cooking, keeping it moist. Prepare the coulis as the fish cooks.

Pepper Coulis: Place the roasted peeled peppers, with olive oil and fish broth, in a blender. Pulse and blend the mixture. Once it is blended, turn off the blender, leaving an emulsified sauce. Season the sauce with some sea salt add some oil and stir, finishing the sauce. Now, baste the fish as it finishes cooking.

Cook the pastry with a pan on top preventing it from rising. Use the puffed pastry as the foundation of the dish. Place the red onion brulee on top of the pastry, and then lay the fish on top. Pour a little of the pepper coulis on the fish and around the plate. To finish add a touch of olive oil, sea salt and herbs.

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