How to Make the Pigs Trotter, with Steven Ellis at the Oxford Blue

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In this video head chef and owner of the recently opened Oxford Blue in Windsor, Steven Ellis, shows us how to make his signature dish, The Pigs Trotter.

Steven takes the knowledge and skill acquired from working for Jamie Oliver and as the sous chef for Clair Smyth at the three Michelin Star Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, and focuses it on probably the best traditional hearty pub food you would have ever eaten.


Pigs trotter

Per portion

1 portion Trotter (sauce section)
1 portion Apple carpaccio
1 in number Crab apple
10g Apple puree
20 g Sauce gribiche
20g Black pudding croquettes
1 in number Fried quails egg cut out using cutter
4 in number Chickweed

As soon as this is on order place the apple carpaccio in the middle of the plate and leave to defrost

Trotter Mix

1 ham hock (picked meat)
30g chicken mousse
30g fine diced apple
20g fine diced celery (peeled)
20g finely chopped flat leaf parsley
1 braised pork skin

Mix everything together apart from the pork skin (make sure you reserve 5g of chicken mousse to seal the trotter together).
Once mixed rolling into a sausage shape and chill.
Spread the remaining mousse on the inside of the skin and lay the ballotine at one end.
Roll up, in casing the ham hock mix in the skin (the chicken mousse will help stick everything together)
Wrap tightly in cling film and poach in boiling water for 10mins
Place in an ice bath to chill.
Portion each trotter into 4 portions keeping the cling film on to keep the shape.

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