How To Make Tortelloni With Evan Funke | Dear Test Kitchen

This week on “Dear Test Kitchen,” chef Evan Funke joins Josh to make handmade tortelloni, demonstrating how to make the fresh pasta dough, roll out sfoglia, shape the tortelloni and cook it.

Looking for a specific step? We’ve got you covered:
1:18 – A brief mattarello explainer
4:01 – Making fresh pasta dough
11:05 – How to knead the tortelloni dough
14:45 – How to wrap and store fresh pasta dough
19:52 – How to roll out sfoglia
28:05 – How to cut the pasta dough for tortelloni
28:52 – Shaping the tortelloni
32:16 – The blanching method for storing tortelloni
33:26 – How to cook fresh tortelloni

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Written by The Chef Circle

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