How to Make Vegan Brioche with Chef Zineb Hattab

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Learn how to make fluffy vegan brioche bread with chef Zineb Hattab of Zurich's Kle restaurant, who'll show you the step-by-step recipe for these delicious golden buns. Hattab tweaks the classic brioche recipe by replacing egg with apple puree and using plant-based milk.
Get this delicious recipe straight from the chef’s kitchen and learn tips and tricks for cooking the best vegan dishes from chef Hattab, an expert in vegan cooking.
This is cooking closer, faster and more direct than you’ve ever seen before. Get ready to see food, the kitchen and cooking Through the Eyes of the Chef.

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00:00 How to make vegan brioche
00:12 Ingredients
00:56 Blooming the yeast
01:39 Mixing the dry ingredients
02:09 Mixing the wet ingredients
02:42 Mixing the dry and wet mixtures
03:35 Making the vegan egg wash
05:06 Fermenting the dough
06:56 Flattening the dough
07:24 Placing the dough in the mould
08:24 Glazing pt 1
08:55 Proofing the dough
09:11 Glazing pt 2
09:49 Baking the brioche

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