How To Make Vol Au Vent Shells ( From puff pastry sheets),%20as%20well%20as%20other%20decoration%20item%20such%20as%20the%20fleuron%20and%20the%20starfish.%20Knowing%20how%20to%20make%20vol%20au%20vent%20is%20a%20key%20technical%20skills%20to%20master%20when%20wanting%20to%20prepare%20any%20vol%20au%20vent%20recipes.%20
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Join my online French cooking classes 👨‍🍳: In this video tutorials you will learn how to make vol au vent shells ( cases) from puff pastry sheets, as well as other decoration item such as the fleuron and the starfish. Knowing how to make vol au vent is a key technical skills to master when wanting to prepare any vol au vent recipes.

the vol au vent ( translated fly in the wind) are light and airy puff pastry cases that are used in French cuisine to make what is called bouchees. (the most commonly know is the bouchee a la reine). recipe here

Knowing how to make those pastry casing is really useful, not only because they are delicious and crunchy to eat but also for the fact that they can be filled with all sort of sweet or savoury fillings which is perfect for a french style buffer or other dinner.

ingredients you need:
1 roll of puff pastry
1 eggs
1 or 2 tablespoons of water



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