How to Make Watermelon Salad with Mango, Red Onion, Goat Cheese and Tangy Vinaigrette
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Chef Edward Leonard, Certified Master Chef at Le Cordon Bleu, demonstrates how to make a watermelon salad with mango, red onion, goat cheese and tangy vinaigrette.

Watermelon Salad: To start, slice and square off the watermelon. Mix vanilla bean with sugar and sprinkle on top. Add a touch of kosher salt and cherry balsamic, infusing the flavors. Place the watermelon in a food saver bag. Using the food saver, compress the watermelon. It will bring out the sugar and flavor. After marinating in the bag for about an hour, remove the watermelon and place on a plate. Pair the watermelon with mache, which are greens grown in Holland and France, as well as queso Bianca. Next, dice mango batonettes and the cheese, and place on top of the watermelon.

How to Make Vinaigrette: For the vinaigrette, use three parts grape seed oil and one part rice wine vinegar. Add salt, vanilla sugar, herbs and pepper to the rice wine vinegar and dissolve. Stir in the grape seed oil. It will create a very light vinaigrette. place the greens and onion mixture right in the middle on top of the watermelon, cheese and mango. Drizzle a little bit of the vinaigrette and extra virgin olive oil over the top and around the plate. To finish, drizzle some cherry balsamic around the plate.

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