How to Tie a Cravat
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As a culinary professional, it is important that you learn how to tie a cravat as it is a part of your uniform. One reason that chefs wear a cravat is that it keeps them from perspiring in the food as they prepare it. Also, it helps them keep from getting a cold as they go in and out the cooler.

Here is how you tie a cravat. Lay your cravat on a table with the point towards you. Fold the point half way up. Put a nice crease in it and continue to fold all the way up. Make sure the seam is covered in the back. Pull it up over your neck. You will want a long end and short end. Take the long end and put over the short end. Take it underneath, and back over the top. Then up, and tuck it around the back. As it comes back through, we are going to loop it through the loop in the front. Straight down and tighten. Take the two tails and pull through the back and tuck into the knot. And that is how you tie a cravat.

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