Incredible Szechuan Chicken Wings & Fish

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Use pickled vegetables to spice up the flavor of your dish. In this video, chef John showcases how to braise chicken wings and fish with pickled vegetables made by himself.

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Fish recipe:
Catfish 500g
Chaozhou sauerkraut 200g
Pickled vegetables (cabbage, chili pepper, radish, celery, ginger, garlic)
Minced garlic 5g
Dried red chili pepper 5g
Peppercorn 3g
Chinese cooking wine
Water 3 cups
Pickle juice 1 cup
White vinegar 1 tbsp
Chili powder
Peppercorn powder

Chicken wings recipe:

Chicken wingettes 500g
Spring onion
Pickled red chili pepper, ginger, green pepper
Chinese cooking wine
Soy sauce ½ tbsp
Sugar 1 tbs
Water 3 cups
Pickled carrot, radish
Sweet black rice vinegar 1 tsp
Peppercorn oil

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