Looking for a More Sustainable Fish Dish? Making Nobu’s Arctic Char with Shiso Salsa

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In this video Joao Miguel Da Fonseca Alegria, Head Chef of Nobu Berkeley Street, show us how to make their Arctic Char with Shiso Salsa. From there seasonal menu, this dish centres around a more sustainable, lesser know cousin of Salmon, the Artic Char, served with the citrusy salsa to compliment the flavour of the fish.


Arctic char with Shiso Salsa:
Make the Shiso Salsa (2 table spoons of chopped red onion, 1 tea spoon of chopped red chilli, 2 shiso leaves finely chopped, 2 table spoons of tabasco sauce, 2 table spoons a neutral flavour oil and 4 table spoons of soya sauce infused with shiso leaves)
Spread the salsa in the bottom of the plate.
Pan fry the arctic char.
Put the arctic char on top of the salsa and garnish with crispy deep fried shiso leaves.

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