Lotus Wrapped Sticky Rice | Plant-Based Livestream Cooking Class Sponsored by Field Roast

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0:00 Introduction
0:49 Importance of Prep
2:29 Preparing The Lotus Leaves
3:44 Starting The Sticky Rice Process
6:54 Adding Rice To The Steamer
9:21 Cooking The Mung Beans
10:25 Dicing Shiitake Mushrooms
13:02 Continue Mung Bean Process
14:35 Cutting Field Roast Sausage
15:53 Substitutes For Lotus Leaves?
16:30 Mung Bean Check-In
18:50 Cooking + Mixing Sticky Rice
20:19 Using A Rice Cooker?
21:57 Lotus Wrap Assembly
25:25 Sticky Rice vs. Sushi Rice?
26:07 Lotus Leaf Techniques
27:47 "Feel Free To Play Around With This Recipe"
28:57 Is It Spicy?
29:44 Using Different Leaves?
31:05 Assembling The Final Lotus Wrap
32:09 Adding Lotus Wraps To Steamer
33:44 Gather and Chop Garnish
35:45 The BIG Reveal
37:31 Garnish Time!
38:25 The Final Dish
39:03 Cameraman Taste Test
39:48 Chef's Turn
40:00 Thank You Field Roast!

Hello from Toronto, the next stop on our virtual North American tour aimed to Keep The Future Flavorful. We’re kicking off our Canadian visit with a plant-based sticky rice recipe from chef Nick Liu of DaiLo restaurant using lotus leaves, mung beans, shiitake mushrooms, and Field Roast Smoked Apple Sage Sausage. To locate Field Roast products at a store near you, go to

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This free class is the next in a series of ChefsFeed Experiences featuring recipes made with Field Roast’s flavor-forward, plant-based meats and cheeses. In addition to making these ChefsFeed Experiences available for free, Field Roast ( is donating a total of $250,000 to participating chefs in an effort to support their restaurants and staff during this time.

Chef Liu will use Field Roast’s donation to help support his restaurant staff — he calls them both hardworking and dedicated — and toward reopening costs as the restaurant readies to eventually welcome diners back into its dining room.

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