Marshmallow Fluff | A Recipe for Silky, Smooth, Soft Meringue for Piping and Plating

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Here's an easy recipe tutorial for how to make marshmallow fluff, a silky, smooth, stabilized, soft meringue for piping and plating or topping hot chocolate.


What can I replace corn syrup with?
You can replace the corn syrup with honey, golden syrup or agave but corn syrup is easy to find online if it isn't readily available in your local shops.

How long can I store the marshmallow fluff in the fridge?
3-5 days, no longer than a week. Remember, this is homemade with fresh eggs and not packed full of preservatives like the shelf stable stuff.

Can I flavour this with something other than vanilla?
Yes, you can use any type of extract you'd like in place of the vanilla. You can also add colour if you'd like.

3 egg whites
pinch of salt
80 ml (1/3 cup) of water
175 g (3/4 cup) sugar
240 g (3/4 cup) corn syrup (or honey, golden syrup or agave)
1 tsp vanilla (or other flavouring)

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