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Molecular Gastronomy: Reverse Spherification to Make Spheres with Liquid Inside

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Get a molecular gastronomy kit to start experimenting at Learn how to make spheres with liquid inside with Reverse Spherification, a molecular gastronomy technique developed by Chef Ferran Adria. This video shows you the possibilities of reverse spherification, how it works and how to make spheres of different flavors with this technique.

– Reverse Spherification is more versatile than Basic Spherification as it can make spheres with almost any product. It is best for liquids with high calcium content or alcohol content which makes them great for cocktails and dairy products like cheese, milk, cream and yoghurt.

– The resulting sphere is long-lasting and can be stored for later consumption. Contrary to Basic Spherification, the process of jellification can be stopped when the sphere is removed from the sodium alginate bath and rinsed with water.

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Written by The Chef Circle

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