Most Famous Dumpling Legend, Burger Lobster and Shanghai modern at London Chinatown Food Compilation
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London Chinatown Foods Compilation-Dumpling Legend, Burger&Lobster, Shanghai modern
3 restaurants in Chinatown
1. dumpling legend 0:00
Glutinous pork sausage wrapped in lotus leaf
Black truffle & seafood dumpling
Pan fried turnip cake
Mixed dimsum platter
Pork&crabmeat xiao long bao
Fresh crab roe xiao long bao

2. Burger & Lobster 1:20
Lobster Roll

3. Shanghai Modern 2:56
Cha siu piggy buns
Signature pork xiao long bao
2way garlic marinated pork slice
Hot spicy dan-dan noodles sprinkled with chopped peanuts
Ma po tofu with minced pork

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