Moules Marinière – The Classic French Mussel Dish
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This step by step video recipe will show you how to make authentic Moule marinieres the way it's done in France.
The Moules Mariniere recipe is easy to make, does not cost much and is absolutely delicious. Moreover, I think this is the one French seafood recipe anyone should know (provided you like seafood of course).

Now what are Moule marinieres? well, In a nutshell it's mussel cooked with a mix of butter, shallots, garlic, celery and white wine. it is a dish that can be served with either white wine or beer and if you want to do it the belgian way then just add French fries on the side.

The proportions used in this video are enough to serve two people (starters size)

Ingredients used:

1 kG of Fresh Mussels
1 clove of garlic
A bunch of flat Parsley (1 tablespoon finely sliced)
A small branch of celery (finely diced)
10 grams of unsalted Butter
200 milliliter of Dry white wine (example: sauvignon blanc)
1 bay leaf
A few twigs of thyme
Salt and pepper (to correct the seasoning of the sauce if needed)
1 tablespoon of double cream (optional)

For the full written recipe please click the link below:

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