Mouthwatering Szechuan Beef

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Although the name of the dish is often translated as “sliced beef poached in chili oil”, it has so much more. The chef uses stir fried vegetables as the base, then poach the sliced beef in chicken stock with added spices. Then the sliced beef is topped with chili peppers, and a ladle of scorching hot oil to give it a good sizzle. This beef dish actually has a wide range of flavors and is not limited to bland spiciness.

Use beef tenderloin for this dish and the result is amazing.

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Beef tenderloin
Rice wine
Soy sauce
Indian lettuce (A choy)
Green onion
Winter bamboo shoots
Sichuan peppercorn
Chili pepper
Chinese cooking wine
Bean sprouts
Pixian county bean paste
Chicken stock
Soy sauce
White pepper

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