Native U.K Oyster, Lobster and Seafoods Platter in seaside Whitstable The Lobster Shack Restaurant
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Seafoods in British seaside Whitstable Kent England
Authentic Whitstable Rock Oysters
-Served on a bed of ice with lemon, Tabasco snd shallot vinegar.
Grilled Garlic and Parsley Lobster
-Fresh lobster from tanks at the East Quay grilled with garlic and parsley butter snd served with chips and dressed lead salad.
Full Seafood Platter
-12 PGI Whitstable Rock Oysters Dressed Crab Meat, Shell on Prawns, Scottish Smoked Salmon, Crevettes, Cockles and whelks, served with bread and salad.

Authentic Whitstable Rock Oysters
Sustainably produced Whitstable oysters, grow less than 500 yards from the Brach-there’s not even one sit mile here sand no guessing the provenance!

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