No 1 World Rank 3 Stars Michelin Guy Savoy $652pp(€574) Most Exclusive Fine dining Paris France
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$652pp (€574) 3 Michelin Star Restaurant Fine dining at the World No1 Restaurant Guy Savoy, 13 Course Colours, Textures, Flavour Tasting menu Paris, France

Guy Savoy – The world rank no1 restaurant 2017~2022 by La liste

Colours, Textures & Flavors Menu

Amuse bouche

Concassé of oysters, granité of seaweed and lemon
Tartare of raw oyster with lemon and seaweed granité

Winter salad of scollops
Warm scallops with a sauce made from scallop trimming and champagne, split with lamb’s lettuce oil

‘Colour of caviar’, with smoked sabayon
Caviar cream, caviar vinaigrette and a purée of curly kale and spinach, with shadi and baeri caviars and a smoked salted butter sabayon

Whole-rosted turbot, turbot skin sauce, grated white Alba truffle
Slices of whole-roasted turbot with a turbot bone sauce bound with turbot skin: grated white Alba truffle, braised crosses with turnout jus, coco bean purée

Roasted lobster, coral béarnaise, ‘vignerounne’bisque
Roasted lobster, lobster coral béarnaise, and lobster bisque with red wine; bisque-poached cauliflower and fine cauliflower crisps

Artichoke soup with black truffle, layered truffled mushroom brioche and more…
Artichoke soup, black truffle and Parmesan shavings; layered mushroom brioche spread with truffle butter.

Poularde de Bresse pochée à la manière Albufera
Bresse hen poached in bouillon with sauce Albufera with foie gras and truffle, and truffled basmati rice. Stuffed cabbage with vegetables and truffle.

Root vegetable ‘detox’
Ravioli of kohlrabi with horseradish cream, wasabi leaf oil, black radish jus and kohlrabi, dressed with grated horseradish

preparation of cheese

Carrot-hazelnut: ‘en I’air et dans la terre’
Carrot meringue garnished with praliné and crushed hazelnut, with carrot purée and hazelnut emulsion
Conit kumquats frosted with orange and ginger, with carrot crisps and confit carrot.

Pure chocolaté tartlet
Chocolate biscuit and cacao pain de mie crisps; cacao sorbet and hot chocolate sauce

Trolley of ice creams, sorbet, dessert jars and traditional biscuits
Ice creams and sorbets, rice pudding, crème caramel, chocolate mousse, spiced prunes in wine, diamond shortcake, macaroons, marshmallows, cheesecake and tartlets.

Guy Savoy, act II, in the Hôtel de la Monnaie, on the bank of the Seine. The setting is sumptuous – six rooms adorned with contemporary works lent by François Pinault –, and the host, true to himself:

Restaurant Guy Savoy, ranked amongst the very best in every gastronomic guide, is situated in Monnaie de Paris, spread across six 18th century salons offering views onto the Seine, the Louvre, the Pont Neuf and the Institut de France. Here architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte envisaged a setting at once restrained and contemporary, where works of art stoke the fires of modernity and where the dining table becomes a veritable theatrical stage, focusing and capturing light. Sincere and passionate, inventive without excess, unfailing generosity. Irresistible! Guy Savoy’s dining room is one of conviviality, warmth and impeccable service, where the cuisine expresses the sensitivity of a chef wholly at ease in this modern era: Artichoke soup with black truffle and layered truffled mushroom brioche; Red mullet ‘swimming in the sea’; Millefeuille ‘à la minute’ with Tahitian vanilla… As Guy Savoy puts it, “Cuisine is the art of instantly transforming produce rich with history into joy.”

Number one World famous best restaurant “la liste 2022” Incredible and fabulous experience. Many creative and delicious dishes, great service in the modern art dinner room.

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0:00 Introduction
0:38 Amuse bouche
1:23 Concassé of oysters, granité of seaweed and lemon
1:49 Winter salad of scallops
2:20 Colours of caviar with smoked sabayon
3:56 White truffle & Pumpkin soup (extra dish)
4:21 Whole-roasted turbot, turbot skin sauce, grated white Alba truffle
5:41 Roasted lobster coral béarnaise, 'vigneronne' bisque
6:55 Artichoke soup with black truffle, layered truffled mushroom brioche and more…
10:28 Root vegetable 'detox'
10:56 Preparation of cheese
11:41 Cucumber sorbet
13:51 Pure chocolate tartlet
14:18 Earl grey tea sorbet

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