Paris 3 Michelin star at Le Pré Catelan 11 Course Tasting menu Fine Dining France €262pp ($286pp)
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One of the b-Best and Refined 3 Star Michelin Restaurant at Le Pré Catelan Fine Dining Paris France €262pp ($286pp)

Le menu du Pré – 11 courses Orsay Menu

Eggplant course
As Caviar, Olive, upside-down tart
Japanese Pearls course
As a ((Risotto)), Mushroom cream and parmesan
Crab course
Soup flavored with Fennel
Scollop course
Raw, nuts vinegar, Smoked mustard
Langoustine course
Ravioli, Duck foie gras, thin gold jelly
Salmon course
Smoked in cherry tree wood, Confit, Champagne Zephyr
Caviar course
Champagne Sorbet
Hare course
A la Royale, the way to ((Sénateur Couteaux))
Cheese course
Steamed Soufflé, Autumn truffle
Pollen course
Sablé, Honey ice cream
Chocolate course
Bitter Cocoa pie, Pistachio Ice cream

Set within the Bois de Boulogne, the superb Napoleon – III pavilion installed here since 1905 is easily recognisable. In this dream location.Frédéric Anton works wonders: the precision and rigour passed on by his mentors (who include Robuchon) are his signature, along with his taste for original pairings – topped off by a prestigious wine cellar and perfect service.

Chef Frédéric Anton is driven by a passion for cooking and an immoderate taste for quality and beauty. His cuisine is a ‘cuisine d'auteur’, complex without being complicated, brilliant but not demonstrative.

His very graphic, modern compositions propose the same product in a variety of presentations.
Each dish is, first of all, a source of amazement for the eyes and aromatic euphoria culminating in an explosion of flavors, an encounter, a dialogue, an adventure, an imaginary world: a cuisine as strong as a certainty. Chef Frédéric Anton proposes a cuisine at once subtle and generous, revealing the best of every ingredient, exalting aromas and flavors.

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0:00 Bois de Boulogne Paris, France
0:44 Eggplant As Caviar, Olive. upside-down tart
1:03 Japanese Pearls As a Risotto Mushroom cream and parmesan
1:19 Crab Soup flavored with Fennel
1:44 Scallop nuts vinegar, Smoked mustard
2:33 Langoustine Ravioli, Duck foie gras, thin gold jelly
3:24 Salmon Smoked in cherry tree wood, Confit, Champagne Zephyr
3:53 Caviar Champagne Sorbet
4:22 Hare A la Royale, the way to Sénateur Couteaux
5:07 Cheese Steamed Soufflé, Autumn truffle
5:48 Pollen Sable Honey ice cream
6:31 Chocolate Bitter Cocoa Pie, Pistachio Ice Cream

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