Plum and Amaretto Rose

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I wanted to make a sort of Valentine's Day inspired dessert. This is a plum and amaretto rose tart, flavoured with almond extract and amaretto. Before anyone loses their minds, yes I did buy pre made tart shells. I make tart shells all the time to a point that if I'm being honestly, has really put me off wanting to make them. Also, making tart shells is really quite a basic skill and I wanted to get to the more interesting portion of the recipe. I think this makes a really lovely and unexpected Valentine's day dessert.

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Another note, if I was serving this in a restaurant I would wear gloves while assembling, these are just for me so I didn't bother ( I also hate how the purple gloves look on camera).

Amaretto Pastry Cream:
300g milk
2 g almond extract
100 g sugar
3 yolks
20 g ap flour
20 g corn starch
1 tbsp amaretoo

Amaretto Infused Plum Petals:
500 ml sugar
500 ml water
2 tbsp amaretto
10 plums, sliced thinly on mandoline

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