Pork Medallions (filet mignon) With Mushroom & Port wine Sauce | French Bistro Recipes
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BECOME A STUDENT OF OUR FRENCH ONLINE CULINARY SCHOOL TODAY! this video recipe is a step by step demonstration on how to cook pork
medallions (filet mignons) with a delicious creamy Mushroom and port sauce. it is a classic recipe made in a lots of household in France and can be easily modified for kids by simply not using the port wine.

In order to make make that recipe will need the following ingredients:
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600 grams of Pork filet
100 grams of Button mushroom (small size)
50 ml of Port wine (portuguese port is very nice)
250 ml of Pure or double cream. (do not use light cream)
250ml of good quality stock or home made stock ( veal or chicken stock)
100 grams of plain flour ( to coat the meat in)
50 grams of unsalted good quality real butter (not Margarine)


Frying pan:
Rounded saute pan:

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