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Chef Edward Leonard, Certified Master Chef at Le Cordon Bleu, demonstrates three of his favorite summer recipes, as well as different cuts and techniques for preparing food. Chef Edward Leonard also talks about tradition at Le Cordon Bleu and his experience as a chef. He answers questions as they come in from viewers at home.

The cooking demonstration starts off with a finger food or amuse-bouche, strawberries and avocado mousse. Combine avocado, sugar, and olive oil and puree it, creating an avocado mousse. Take the strawberries and twist off the stems, leaving the strawberry. Using a Parisian scoop, hollow the top of the strawberry. Add the mousse to a pastry bag. Cut off the corner of the bag, and squeeze the mousse into the fruit, filling the strawberry. Sauté brioche for the base of the dish, place the strawberry on top of the brioche. Marinate the hollowed out pieces of strawberry with orange juice, olive oil and pepper. With a toothpick, place the marinated pieces of strawberry on top of the mousse filled strawberries.

The next dish he demonstrates is a watermelon dish. Slice and compress the watermelon with basil, orange zest and a teaspoon or two of simple syrup. Then vacuum seal the watermelon, marinating it for 20 minutes. Match the watermelon with thinly sliced red onions, Mexican cotija cheese and mache salad. Remove the watermelon from the compressed bag, square off and plate. Top the watermelon with the red onion, cheese and mache salad.

To make the vinaigrette, dissolve salt and pepper in the vinegar, and then add basil, fresh orange juice and olive oil. Blend and stir. Take the vinaigrette and lightly drizzle around the dish.

The last recipe is a summer potato salad. First, dice and boil Yukon potatoes. Add celery, shallots and bacon. To make the vinaigrette, use dijon mustard as a base and add lemon juice, vinegar and ginger. Whisk in oil and pour over the potato salad mixture. Mix evenly and add a touch of salt. Place a ring mold on a plate and add the potato salad. Garnish with celery leaf and a touch of olive oil with a fried egg.

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