Sicilian Octopus

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Eric Payet, Head chef of La Rive in Cobham prepares Crispy Sicilian Octopus for us. With it's Mediterranean flavours and colourful ingredients this starter delivers sunshine on a plate.
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80g of octopus
30g of Aioli
10g of diced tomato
3 mini melba toast
4 strands of fennel cress
2g of black onion seed
2g of confit lemon
Olive oil

Blanche octopus 3 time in boiling water & Ice water
Vac pack the tentacles & cook at 85c for 6 hours
Portion octopus to required size & grill into the charcoal oven for 2min or until crispy


80g of egg yolk
40g of dijon mustard
40g of confit garlic
2g of saffron strand
150g of cooked potato (cooled)
700ml of vegetable oil
10ml of white wine vinegar
100ml water

In the thermomix, mix the 4 first ingredients, then slowly add the oil & alternate with vinegar. Check for seasoning

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