Stone Soup

Here is the intro for the first season of Stone Soup by KAC. The idea of plating on a canvas is inspired by Grant Achatz and his team at Alinea in Chicago. The idea of this piece is that the stone (made of white chocolate), is placed first then everything else builds up around it to create a bigger picture. This is the idea behind the series, that no plate of food, no Chef and no restaruant exists in a vacuum. Our ingredients and ideas have history, they have a story, and these are the stories I'm trying to tell. In this first season of Stone Soup I'll be travelling around and interviewing local Chefs, artisans, farmers and foragers trying to paint the bigger picture of the food scene here in Ontario, Canada.

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Some of the Kitchen Equipment Used in This Video:
The smoke gun:
The torch:
My favourite Chef's Knife:

Some of the Equipment I use to film this:
My Camera:
My Favourite Lens:
My Stabilizer:
The GoPro:

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