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    5 Must-Have Plating Tools

    As the former private dining chef at the Michelin-starred Restaurant Daniel, ICE Director of Culinary Development James Briscione knows a thing or two about fine dining. Take your homemade dishes from merely edible to truly eye-catching, with Chef James’ essential tools. More

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    You’re Doing It Wrong: Cooking Pasta

    Cooking pasta: easy, right? Turns out, there’s a bit more to it than boiling a pot of water and getting it “al dente.” Chef James Briscione — Culinary Arts Chef Instructor and Director of Culinary Research at the Institute of Culinary Education — is here to tell you what your technique has been missing, and […] More

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    Crab Legs

    Chef Jason Hill of shows you how to make Alaskan king crab legs. Thaw your frozen crab legs in the refrigerator the day before, then you can begin cooking crab legs with this delicious garlic butter sauce. This crab leg recipe, served with grilled vegetable skewers and cheesy potatoes, is perfect for an outdoor […] More

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    Grilling Steak

    Chef Jason Hill of shows you the best method for grilling steak in this episode of "Chef Tips." Learn how to grill steak like a pro with these simple tips. Grilled steak has never been easier. To grill a steak properly, you should set one side of your grill on high heat and the […] More

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    Apple Fries

    Chef Jason Hill of and the Chef Tips app on iTunes shares this delicious Legoland apple fries recipe in this episode of "Chef Tips." Looking for apple recipes? Chef Jason Hill will show you how to make apple fries, a county fair favorite that's sure to be a hit in your home. I first […] More

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    Steak Sauce

    Chef Jason Hill of shares a bourbon steak sauce recipe in this episode of "Chef Tips." One of the easiest steak sauce recipes to make, this sauce for steak only has 8 ingredients. The homemade steak sauce includes bourbon, spicy brown mustard, minced shallots and rosemary, for a tangy and flavorful easy steak sauce. […] More

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    Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

    Chef Jason Hill shows how to make bacon wrapped asparagus recipe in this episode of "Chef Tips." I hope you enjoy this easy New Year's Eve appetizer recipe. Happy New Year!!! SUBSCRIBE! LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK CIRCLE ME ON GOOGLE PLUS FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM More

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    Rice Cooker Mac N Cheese Recipe – with Cooking and Crafting!

    SUBSCRIBE TO BETH: Chef Jason Hill teams up with Beth of CookingandCrafting to make gourmet mac and cheese in a rice cooker. Be sure to check out Beth's recipe for fried rice in a rice cooker here! RICE COOKER MAC AND CHEESE RECIPE 2 cups cavatappi or elbow macaroni 1 cup chicken stock […] More

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    Tempura Batter – Recipe for Tempura Batter

    Chef Jason Hill ( shows how to make shrimp batter in this episode of "Chef Tips." This recipe for tempura batter can be used with shrimp, vegetables, asparagus and even sliced avocado. For extra crunch, coat with panko bread crumbs after dipping it in the batter. Enjoy! Get my app, "Video Recipes: Chef Tips with […] More

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    Green Beans

    Would you like to learn how to cook fresh green beans? Chef Jason Hill prepares a fresh green bean recipe that's lightly sauteed and seasoned with garlic and shallots. It's a great way to sneak some greens into your daily meals. To begin cooking fresh green beans, first wash and pat try, then remove the […] More

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    Country Gravy – Best Sausage Gravy Recipe!

    Chef Jason Hill prepares his favorite country gravy recipe in this episode of "Chef Tips." This recipe for country gravy is perfect for serving over flaky buttermilk biscuits to make the best biscuits and gravy you've ever tasted! Enjoy! STAY IN TOUCH WITH CHEF TIPS SUBSCRIBE! LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK CIRCLE ME ON […] More

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