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    Essential Elements Of Plating

    Like all fine arts, the presentation of food is based on theory and best practices. From texture to shape, composition to balance, join ICE Creative Director Michael Laiskonis on an exploration of the philosophy of plating. Featuring contemporary plate styles from the Front of the House dinnerware portfolio, Chef Michael’s tutorial unveils the many ways […] More

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    5 Must-Have Plating Tools

    As the former private dining chef at the Michelin-starred Restaurant Daniel, ICE Director of Culinary Development James Briscione knows a thing or two about fine dining. Take your homemade dishes from merely edible to truly eye-catching, with Chef James’ essential tools. More

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    You’re Doing It Wrong: Cooking Pasta


    Cooking pasta: easy, right? Turns out, there’s a bit more to it than boiling a pot of water and getting it “al dente.” Chef James Briscione — Culinary Arts Chef Instructor and Director of Culinary Research at the Institute of Culinary Education — is here to tell you what your technique has been missing, and […] More

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    How To Make Homemade Pizza — Tips And Techniques For Perfect Pies

    If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at making homemade pizza from scratch, check out these tips from ICE Pastry Chef Instructor Jenny McCoy, as she takes you through the process step-by-step. How do you know when you’ve kneaded the dough enough? Why does the order you layer the toppings in matter? More

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    Roux Recipe – How to Make Roux

    Roux is used to thicken soups or sauces. A roux recipe is made from equal parts of flour and fat, which is cooked on a pan over low heat. Jason Hill of Chef Tips shows you how to make roux. There are three types, or stages, of roux: white, blonde and brown. The white and […] More

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    Dog Food Recipes

    If you're looking for some natural dog food recipes or homemade dog food, this recipe from the Natural Pet Food Cookbook is a great start. Chef Jason Hill of Chef Tips puts Bandit's Beef Stew to the test, and this dog food recipe was approved with enthusiasm by his family's Shih Tzu puppy, Sugar. This […] More

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    Marinade – Lemon Herb Marinade Recipe

    This wonderful all purpose marinade uses lemon, garlic, and olive oil for its base. It is perfect for marinating any type of seafood, such as shrimp scampi and works great as a base for grilled Mahi Mahi or your favorite tilapia fish recipes. Use it on chicken or pork to brighten up the flavors while […] More

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    Chef Jason Hill of explains all about oysters in this episode of "Chef Tips." In today's segment, Hill visits King's Fish House oyster bar in California to show the best way of eating oysters. After ordering a mixed oyster plate, Hill explains the flavors of fresh oysters found in North America. They include Island […] More

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    Cheese Soup

    Chef Jason Hill of shows you how to make a delicious cheese soup recipe from Yosemite in this episode of "Chef Tips." Though broccoli cheese soup and potato cheese soup recipes are popular, this creamy beer and cheese soup recipe is not to be missed. The beer cheese soup recipe uses premium cheddar cheese […] More

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    Coal Fired Pizza Recipe – Pizza on the Grill

    Chef Jason Hill ( and guest chef Brian Zagorsky head to Laguna Beach to make a coal fired pizza recipe on the Big Green Egg. The Big Green Egg is a unique smoker/grill that can reach temperatures over 600 F. It's the perfect temperature for making homemade pizzas. If you do not have a big […] More

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