Tarte Flambée – The Cream, Bacon and onion Alsatian pizza"travel"to%20Alsace%20and%20we%20look%20at%20how%20to%20make%20a%20flammekueche%20or%20tarte%20flambée.%20
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Join my online French cooking classes 👨‍🍳: how to make a Tarte Flambee (flammekueche recipe) today we "travel"to Alsace and we look at how to make a flammekueche or tarte flambée.

this video recipe will show you how to make that simple but delicious recipe from the Alsace region in France. this is simply the franco german answer to the italian pizza.

it is simple and easy to make at home and the taste is really one of a kind. the authentic flammekueche is typically cooked in a wood fire oven but it still works beautifully in a conventional oven.

the dough of the tart can be made using a food processor and does not require any yeast or long resting time. that makes it a really home friendly recipe for the whole family.


2 onions finely sliced
250 grams of streaky bacon finely sliced
200 ml of creme fraiche
100 ml of cottage cheese
seasoning: salt, pepper and nutmeg.

for the dough:

250 grams of plain flour
100 ml of water
25 ml of oil
5 grams of salt.

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