The Best Cooking Secrets Real Chefs Learn In Culinary School

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Culinary school has been an aspiration of many that feel right at home in the kitchen, and shows like Chopped and Top Chef have brought some of the more advanced techniques of the culinary world into our living rooms. However, there are many remedial skills you need to master before you can move on to the intricate skills. Aside from innate talent, practice is really what separates the novice from the expert. From knife skills to deglazing a pan, so much more goes into cooking than which spice to choose. Before you quit your job and apply to the Sorbonne, check out the best cooking secrets real chefs learn in culinary school.

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Knife skills | 0:00
High-quality broth | 1:20
Recipes are just guides | 2:10
Deglaze every pan | 3:05
Toast your spices | 3:57
Salt, sugar, acid, fat | 4:51
Be prepared | 5:44
Match plate and food temperature | 6:25
Cooling food properly | 7:02
Fat is flavor | 7:55
Make food ahead | 8:35
Wasting food wastes money | 9:18

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