The Fat Duck Heston Blumenthal $900 (£650) 3 Stars Michelin Fine Dining 25 Years Celebration Course
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$900 (£650) 3 Stars Michelin The Fat Duck Heston Blumenthal Fine Dining UK – 25 Years Celebration Course
The Fat Duck is Creative Luxury Morden British Expensive Restaurant . Best Restaurant in the World and Best Restaurant in the UK.

This iconic restaurant celebrates its 25 year anniversary with an Anthology Menu of its classic dishes; with a different seasonal menu (or ‘Volume’) each quarter, exploring the most famous and fantastical dishes to have come from Heston Blumenthal’s imagination. By walking in Heston’s footsteps, you will discover for yourself the story of the Fat Duck, with all its ground-breaking originality, experimentation and innovation.

Snail porridge, Crab Ice Cream, Sound of the Sea; all the instantly recognisable classics are here, and their theatrical and interactive presentation by a truly engaging service team only serve to further heighten the experience.

Heston’s motto is ‘Question everything’, and his multi-sensory cooking is testament to his ground-breaking approach: innovative, evocative, playful and perfectly judged, with harmonious textures and flavours.


0:00 Fat duck beginner
0:26 Juice Apricot, Golden Carrot and Safran Infused with Assam Tea
0:31 Kombucha Japanese Kuki Hojicha
0:42 A TRIP FOR THE TASTE BUD Course 1 Nitro-poached Green Tea and Lime Mouse, Lime Grove 2001 (***must watch***)
2:38 A TRIP FOR THE TASTE BUDS Course 2 Aerated Beetroot 2011
3:04 A TRIP FOR THE TASTE BUDS Course 3 Red Cabbage Gazpacho, Pommery Mustard Ice cream 2001
3:42 A TRIP FOR THE TASTE BUDS Course 4 Orange and Beetroot Jellies 2002
4:11 A WALK IN THE WOODS Course 5 Jelly of Quail Languostine Cream Parfait of Chicken Liver 1999
6:39 Bread and Butter (***must watch***)
7:00 A WALK IN THE WOODS Course 6 Snail Porridge 2003
7:51 OFF TO THE SEASIDE Course 7 Crab Ice Cream 1998 (***must watch***)
8:14 OFF TO THE SEASIDE Course 8 Sound of the Sea 2007 (***must watch***)
9:30 THE CELEBRATION DINNER Course 9 The coronation Feast of James II & Queen Mary 1685
Beef Royal, smoked anchovy, pickled mushroom, selim pepper
Fish of the day, oyster ragu,verjus, caviar
12:03 SWEET DREAMS Course10 Counting sheep 2015 (***must watch***)
12:42 SWEET DREAMS Course11 Like a kid in a Sweetshop 2006 (***must watch***)
13:22 Earl Grey Tea
13:30 Cold Drip Coffee

2 Anthology Menu £550.00(inc. VAT)
1 Japanese Kuki Hojicha Kombucha £7.00(inc. VAT)
1 Apricot, Golden Carrot and Safran £9.00(inc. VAT)
Infused with Assam Tea
1 Earl Grey Tea £5.00(inc. VAT)
1 Cold drip Coffee £5.00(inc. VAT)
Service Charge 12.5% £72.00
Total £648.00($900.00)

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