Vibrant Green Oil For Plating

This is a three ingredient recipe for a vibrant and bright green oil for plating. This oil is great for adding a pop of bright green colour and also adds a really nice flavour to savoury dishes. There are reasons behind some of my choices of ingredients, I chose a neutral oil instead of olive oil because it’s less likely to go rancid or have it’s flavours go off when combined with fresh ingredients and heated. Next I used parsley because it imparts great green colour, if you want a green oil to pop, adding parsley is your best bet even if it’s a background flavour to something else (which is the case with this oil). As much as I love parsley I think the flavour of a straight parsley oil can be quite one note and a bit bland so I wanted to add some nice fresh flavour which I did by using the green onions. They flavour the spring onions bring really make this oil not only beautiful but really delicious, fresh and bright.

You don’t need super fancy equipment to make this, just a standard blender, a strainer and a coffee filter to get the oil really crystal clear.

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Written by The Chef Circle

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