Vietnamese-Inspired Noodle Salad | Plant-Based Livestream Cooking Class Sponsored by Field Roast

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0:00 Introduction
0:36 Thank You Field Roast
2:28 Inspiration Behind The Dish
3:35 Overview of Dish Ingredients
5:58 How To Make Plant-Based Fish Sauce
7:48 Alternative To Fish Sauce?
8:34 Palm Sugar and Palm Sugar Syrup
10:23 Making The Sugarcane Skewers
11:46 Using and Grating Mountain Potato
13:50 Making The Field Roast Frankfurter Base
14:48 Assembling Frankfurter Skewers
16:19 Making The FieldBurger Patties
21:43 A Quick Pickling
24:33 Making The Spicy Dipping Sauce
25:23 "Ruth and The Baby Are Getting Hungry"
25:43 Cooking Noodles, Patties, and Skewers
29:24 "It's Looking Brown, Caramelly, and Delicious"
30:01 The Local Vegetable Variety
31:09 Checking On The Noodles
31:54 Start Dish Assembly
34:08 Final Dish Assembly
35:33 The Bowl In All Its Glory
35:54 "…Wanna Eat It?"
36:47 Thanks Again!

Chef Jay Moore first made this dish at the request of his pregnant wife. She was craving her favorite noodle salad from their go-to Vietnamese spot, which was unfortunately closed at the time due to COVID. Luckily, Jay’s version hit the spot, and he’s sharing this plant-based interpretation–spicy dipping sauce included. To locate Field Roast products at a store near you, go to

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This free class is the next in a series of ChefsFeed Experiences featuring recipes made with Field Roast’s flavor-forward, plant-based meats and cheeses. In addition to making these ChefsFeed Experiences available for free, Field Roast ( is donating a total of $250,000 to participating chefs in an effort to support their restaurants and staff during this time.

Jay Moore is chef at Toronto’s Lake Inez, a restaurant with deep ties to its local community. He plans to use Field Roast’s donation to support not only his restaurant and its staff, but to help another local business — like the Vietnamese restaurant with the craveable dish that inspired his own interpretation.

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