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It’s great to have you with us at The Chef’s Circle as a Pro Member. Now that you are a member head over to the Members’s Area in the top menu and click Profile. The main features of you profile can be added here under the section Widget Settings. Here you will find sections that you can complete including;

  • About me
  • Skills
  • Portfolio
  • Slideshow
  • Services
  • Project
  • Quote
  • Video

All of these sections are available to you but don’t feel like you have to use them all.

Next you will want to check out the Members, Groups, and Forum Pages where you can network and ask/give help to others in the community. If you would like any more sections in the forum please just give us a shout and we can add them in for you. Once you have connected with others you will be able to see updates from all of your friends, groups and forums in the Activity feed with live notifications!

To Activate your free website head over to our website building platform www.ChefsR.com and sign up for free.When you want to add your domain and open up unlimited hosting please email us support@chefscircle.co.uk and we will email over your upgrade code.

As a Pro member more of the site has been unlocked to you and we will continue to add new hints and tips on how to build your social media accounts and more each month.