Will Devlin’s Pork with Vegetables

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This recipe takes a huge amount of work to pull off and you’ll need to begin days in advance, but for those looking for a true challenge, this pork dish from Will Devlin is an absolute masterclass in all manner of techniques. While it may look intimidating it doesn’t require any special equipment and a lot of the time involved comes from curing and slow-cooking the various pork cuts. The recipe is written so you can get as much done in the days leading up to serving – on the actual day itself, most of the hard work is already done. At the very least, the recipe is a fascinating insight into how much work Will puts into dishes at The Small Holding.
Will says: ‘We don’t serve a lot of meat at the restaurant, but when we do, the dish is from the whole animal and nothing is wasted. This dish has several pork elements and is a real celebration of a very fine animal. We rear our own pigs at The Small Holding meaning we can give them everything they need for a happy life and to display all their natural behaviours. It also means, to a certain extent, we can control the flavour and fat content of the meat as, for part of their time with us, the pigs live under a huge oak tree and can eat the fallen acorns.’
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